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Remember the good old days? Playing games outdoors and drive-in movies. Listening to stories on the radio, timeless memories.

Absolute Candy brings those memories to life with its custom-made chocolates, sweets and speciality orders. Made by hand just like Grandma used to make it. Absolute Candy’s products are unique with a range of flavours to please any taste bud! Whether it’s a THANK YOU gift for a wedding, A gift basket for a corporate function, or something special for a loved one, Absolute Candy has got you covered.

Our company started with humble beginnings. Almost 11 years ago when our founder Johan started the business out of his kitchen with almost no money and a dream to

bring his childhood candies back to life.
We strive to bring our clients exactly what they want at the best prices available.

A sweet time for the whole family


Absolute Candy Co. manufactures candies and chocolates that are loved by people of all ages. Recently, they released a variety of new popcorn flavours that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Popcorn made easy

Whether you’re hosting a movie night or just want to munch on something while you work,
Absolute Candy Co. has the perfect popcorn flavor for you! They come in four flavors:
Cream cheese chocolate, Unicorn, Cookies and Cream and Hazelnut chocolate.

Pick your favorite flavor

The hazelnut flavor is the best option if you’re looking for a great tasting popcorn that’s going to crunch just right every single time. The Cookies and cream flavor is perfect if you love a little sweetness with your snacks. The Unicorn flavor is ideal if you prefer something sweeter, and the Cream Cheese chocolate flavor will satisfy all of your crazy cravings.

Taste the sweet life

At Absolute Candy Co, we understand that you want to indulge in some sweetness. That is why we are committed to make sure that you can find the perfect treat for you.

Our sweet collection

Here at absolute candy co, we don’t just have a variety of candies but also chocolates and chocolates coated popcorn.


Family owned with care

We are a family-owned business – from our recipes to our customer service, everything is done with care and love!


Ready for a sweet time?

Visit our website or stop by one of our affiliate stores today for all your sweet cravings!

Hand made products

Made with care and love

Locally sourced

Only the finest quality

No artificial flavours

All natural all the way

Decide what you want

You decide what goes into our confections, we just make it. Need something vegetarian or vegan? Give us a shout…

We go the extra mile

We pride ourselves in never cutting corners and always putting in the extra effort to make a top-quality product.

Made fresh, made from scratch

All of our confections are made fresh (never from a pre-made mix) and from scratch, with love!

A family tradition for over 11 years

Our family has been making candy for over eleven years, we take pride in being one of the only companies that still does it this way

The best thing to happen to your mouth

We are confectioners with a passion for creating the best tasting, healthy and preservative-free candy.

Healthy and preservative free

Crispy, light and fluffy marshmallows, hard candies and chocolate coated popcorn. We do not use any artificial colours or flavours in our confections.

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